Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Fairfield Police Department is warning citizens about several telephone scams that are being conducted in the area. At least one of the individuals involved in perpetrating these scams appears to be a male with an Indian accent. The group is extremely good at what they do and are very sophisticated. It appears that this group is able to manipulate phone numbers, making it appear on a potential victim’s caller identification that the phone call is originating from a government entity. So if the potential victim checks the number, it actually belongs to a legitimate government agency like a sheriff’s department or police department.

As is the case with most confidence schemes, the individuals involved make the victim believe that time is of the essence and that if they don’t send money immediately, some negative consequence will occur.

IRS Scam- In this scam, the caller contacts the potential victim, informing them they are either delinquent in taxes or have been assessed a penalty. They tell the potential victim that if they don’t immediately send money, they will send IRS agents to seize their property and/or police to their house to arrest them. (Note: The IRS does not call taxpayers who they have any issues with but rather deal with them via letters. Additionally, local police do not arrest individuals for violations of federal law such as tax issues)

Warrant Scam- In this scam, the caller contacts the potential victim and tells them that a warrant has been issued for their arrest and that if they immediately send money, it will take care of the warrant. In a case that involved an area resident, the number that appeared on their caller identification, when checked, actually belonged to the Morris County Sheriff’s Department. When the potential victim called to check on the validity, no one at the sheriff’s department knew what they were talking about.

Kidnapping/Family Member in Trouble Scam- In this scam, the caller will first research their potential victim through either social media and/or the Internet to find out family information such as whether the potential victim has children, whether the children are male or female, names of the children and where they may work or reside. They then contact the potential victim saying that they have kidnapped the family member or that the family member is in trouble out of state or out of the country using just enough of the information they discovered to make the call sound legitimate. They tell the potential victim that they will immediately release their loved one if they immediately send money. (In the case that occurred in the area, the potential victim first called their daughter to verify she was ok)

Lottery Scam- In this scam, the caller will tell the potential victim that they won a lottery but in order to collect the huge winnings, they must first immediately send a certain amount of money to handle taxes and other incidentals associated with their winning. If that money is not immediately provided, then a new winner will be selected.

If anyone receives a call requesting that money be immediately be sent, the Fairfield Police Department is encouraging citizens to call their local police department for assistance before any money is sent anywhere.


The Fairfield Police Department is adamantly warning motorists not to leave their vehicles idling while unattended. While it is against state law to do so, the bigger concern is the increase of stolen vehicles occurring in the West Essex area over the past few months that have been taken as a result of motorists who have done just that. The most recent incident took place on Saturday March 2, 2013 at the A-1 Sunoco station at the intersection of Passaic Avenue and Greenbrook Road. A 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer was taken in just a few seconds when the owner ran into the store.


Chief Charles Voelker will be hosting his monthly meeting of the Citizens Traffic and Crime Prevention Committee. The chief will discuss issues relating to each topic and will field questions about law enforcement activities in Fairfield. The meeting will be held at the Fairfield Community Center, 376 Hollywood Avenue, on Augsut 21, 2012 at 7:00 P.M.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


There will be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Fairfield Mayor and Council on Monday April 9, 2012 at 7:30 P.M.

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