Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chocolate to Help Fairfield with Drunken Driving Reduction Efforts

Fairfield (NJ) A local chocolatier has been the catalyst behind the formation of a coalition whose mission it will be, during a portion of this holiday season and hopefully beyond, to bring a sense of sweetness in trying to minimize over consumption of alcoholic beverages in local liquor licensed establishments and also on the Township’s roadways.

David Little, the owner of Fairfield-based ChocolateText® and the developer of the Chocolate SideCars for Safety™ approached Chief Anthony G. Manna earlier this year about finding a way to use his chocolate creation in a manner to help promote responsible drinking. The pair joined forces and came up with the nexus for a town wide initiative using the chocolate. They quickly formed a coalition with Lyft, the nation’s fastest growing ride share company, the Fairfield Municipal Alliance Committee and the owners of three local popular bars;the Franklin Steakhouse, Thatcher McGhees Irish Pub and Sidelines Pub.

The program works as follows: Lyft will provide branded chocolates for bartenders at these establishments to distribute as a discreet way to alert patrons that they should not drive home. When a patron has a few drinks, the bartender will place a Lyft-branded chocolate on the rim of their glass. The chocolate not only serves to suggest that the patron should not get behind the wheel to drive, but also aids as a visual reminder to other bartenders at the establishment regarding the patrons consumption.

To make the decision to utilize an alternate form of transportation even easier, Lyft will offer the special discount codeRIDESAFENJ for new and existing passengers for a safe ride to and from these select Fairfield bars. For rides that start or end at Sidelines Bar, Thatcher McGhee’s or the Franklin Steakhouse, passengers will be eligible for 50% off of two rides up to $5 each ride from December 29th up to and including the 31st.  Availability is limited.

“It is vital that those who consume alcoholic beverages be responsible while having fun, especially while celebrating during the holidays. Through this partnership, Lyft provides reliable and safe rides to and from popular destinations for all residents,” said Ann Ferracane, General Manager of Lyft New Jersey.

“This program reflects a subtle and sweet town wide initiative in helping to try to minimize drunken driving incidents, not only through aggressive enforcement efforts, but equally as important from inside some of our town’s most popular liquor-licensed facilities.” said Chief Anthony G. Manna. “Working alongside Lyft gives our community an easy and seamless option to get where they need to go while maintaining safety as their number one priority.” the chief said.

Not only will chocolate be used at the bars but also by Fairfield police officers who will be handing them out to motorists that they stop who are found to be sober as both a reward and a reminder not to drink and drive.

"Working with Lyft and the Fairfield Police Department gives us a unique opportunity to help both spread the message of responsibility in a delicious way,” said David Little, Founder and CEO of ChocolateText®

Frank Oliver, the owner of the Franklin Steakhouse and the first bar owner to sign onto the program stated “We are excited to be a part of this coalition and continue to support any programs that assist in helping to reduce drunken driving incidents.”

The program will take place in Fairfield between December 29-31, 2017








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