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reporting traffic/quality of life complaint

The Fairfield Police Department is often aware of certain areas where traffic violations occur  more frequently then in other places. As such, the department’s Special Enforcement Unit is often deployed to these locations to conduct selective enforcement, act as a deterrence, and hopefully solve the issue. Still, it is our citizens who remain our eyes and ears in the community.

If you would like to report a traffic complaint and/or some other quality of life issue that we can help you with, please fill out the below information and submit it to us. Please include specifics about what the violation(s) are, if there is a particular vehicle involved, and the dates and times when violations are occurring.

If a complaint involves speeding, the department will usually set up a traffic survey in the areas where complaints are made. The information gained from this survey helps us to better determine the extent of the problem and the times and dates when it most occurs. This helps us to more efficiently deploy our resources to solve the problem. We may also employ the use of unmanned police cars as a deterring presence. Either way, we will work hard to solve your problem and increase the quality of life in your neighborhood.

Traffic/Quality of Life Complaint

Thanks for submitting!

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