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Attempted Motor Vehicle Thefts and Burglaries Continue as Officers Again Pursue a Stolen Vehicle

Fairfield (NJ) On June 9, 2023, at approximately 2:36 AM, the Fairfield Police Department was contacted by a Knoll Road resident reporting that she had opened her garage door thinking a family member had just arrived home. Instead, she observed someone inside her 2019 Range Rover. She also noticed a vehicle with its headlights on parked in the street. The suspect exited her vehicle and got into the awaiting vehicle and then fled the scene. The victim was unable to identify either the actor or the suspect. Stolen from the vehicle was approximately $2000 worth of hairdresser equipment and supplies. It is unclear how long after noticing the burglary that the victim notified the police.

As officers were responding to the scene to investigate, it is alleged that Officer James Ciampi observed a 2023 black Jeep to not fully stop at the intersection of Donna Drive and Hollywood Avenue and proceed at a high rate of speed south on Hollywood Avenue. A check of the vehicle’s registration revealed it to be a stolen vehicle out of Montclair. NJ.

The vehicle entered onto Route 46 East at which time the officer attempted to stop the Jeep, but the vehicle then actively attempted to elude the officer and a motor vehicle pursuit was initiated pursuant to Attorney General guidelines. As the vehicle entered into the long term construction area near the Route 46 and Route 3 interchange, the pursuit was ordered terminated. The stolen vehicle was last seen heading onto Route 3 East.

This incident comes on the heels of a motor vehicle pursuit of a stolen car on June 4th which included the arrest of six juveniles, ranging in ages from 12-14 years old, by the Fairfield Police Department. One of the juveniles had a court ordered GPS monitor on them at the time of the arrest.

“Once again, we call for our community to remain vigilant in making sure their vehicles and homes are locked up tight every day and night, that key fobs are not left in vehicles or even in common places in their homes, and that they report any suspicious activities immediately to the police. In addition, individuals who have their homes protected by Ring or other security cameras, should review activity that is captured on these cameras daily as many people do not realize that they may have been a victim of a crime for some time” said Chief Anthony G. Manna. “In addition, the Fairfield Police Department will be making additional efforts to help assure our residents are safer during the overnight hours,” said the chief.

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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