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Autism Alert Program

On November 17, 2021 officers from the Fairfield Police Department and several other agencies attended Autism Shield Training for Police and First Responders.  This critical training was taught by Gary Weitzen, the Executive Director of the Parents of Autistic Children Autism Services located in Brick, NJ.

The goal of this training is to increase officer and citizen safety, enhance officer communication and response skills, increase positive outcomes in field interactions and build community partnerships. 

In addition, the Fairfield Police Department purchased 10 sensory kits which will be kept in our patrol vehicles and used as necessary on calls.  These kits contain items that help those in the autistic community who may be experiencing sensory overload, by giving them something to focus their senses on, also known as “stimming.”  Also included were several “I have autism” and “My child has autism” cards that can be handed out to ensure others can understand why someone may respond differently than they expect.

An autism alert form is available to click and print out below. You can return it if you would like to have a family member added as an address alert in our computer system.  This form can also be emailed to you by contacting Officer Stacy Chiarolanza directly at  Further information can also be found at the POAC website directly,


POAC sensory kits.jpg
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