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Lieutenant John McGrory

Patrol Section Commander

Lieutenant McGrory started his career with the Fairfield Police Department in September of 2004 as a police dispatcher.  He graduated from the Essex County Police Academy in October of 2005 and was awarded the top academic award for his class. 

Lieutenant McGrory was assigned to the Patrol Section from 2005 to 2015.  During his time in patrol, he was a field training officer, an EMT assigned to the Emergency Services Unit, and a member of the Intelligence Unit.


In 2016, He was assigned to the Investigation Section as a detective.  In June 2016, he was the first officer in department history to be assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration as a narcotics task force officer.  On February 27th, 2017, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and was assigned as a patrol squad supervisor.  On June 24th, 2021, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and became the Patrol Section Commander.  



The Patrol Section is located in the Operations Division and is divided into four squads and provides primary response to all calls for service on a 24-hour basis, 365 days per year. A number of the department’s specialized units fall within the Patrol Section to include the Special Enforcement Unit, Emergency Response Team, Emergency Services Unit, School Security Unit, and the Drone Unit.


Patrol Section Supervisors


  • Sergeant Ian Rasmussen #70

  • Sergeant Brian Sabatelli #72

  • Sergeant Christopher Hlubik #76

  • Sergeant Steven Ptaszynski #80

  • Corporal Jeffery Dean #82

  • Corporal Steven D'Argenio #84

  • Corporal David Lagan # 86

  • Corporal James High #87


Police Officers


  • Officer Brian Holzmann #71

  • Officer Raymond Puluse #81

  • Officer Sean McCormack #85

  • Officer Frank Patierno #89

  • Officer Louis Bisciotti #93

  • Officer James Ciampi #94

  • Officer Jayson Sickles #95

  • Officer David DeCarlo #98

  • Officer Daniel Kalinowski #99

  • Officer Sean Wilk #100

  • Officer Jesse Schnackenberg #102

  • Officer Ryan Cleary #103

  • Officer Kevin Chen #104

  • Officer Vincent Purcell #105

  • Officer Patrick Reynolds #106

  • Officer John Seragusa #107

  • Officer Cory Perrette #108

  • Officer Luca Catania #109

  • Officer Katrina Guevara #110

  • Officer Andrew VanderWal #111



SLEO II Officers


  • Special Officer Felipe Maldonado #630

  • Special Officer Juan Barroso #652

SLEO III Officers


  • Special Officer Joseph Prinzo #633

  • Special Officer Carmine Pelosi #634



  • Joseph Piccoli #446

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