F.B.i national academy


Internationally known for its academic excellence, the National Academy Program, held at the FBI Academy in Quantico Virginia, offers 11 weeks of advanced investigative, management, and fitness training for selected officers having proven records as professionals within their agencies. On average, these officers have 19 years of law enforcement experience and usually return to their agencies to serve in executive-level positions.


Training for the program is provided by FBI Academy instructional staff, Special Agents, and other staff members holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their fields of expertise. Since 1972, the National Academy students have been able to earn undergraduate and graduate credits from the University of Virginia due to the accreditation by the university of the many courses offered.

Less than 1/2 of 1% of law enforcement officers in the United States is afforded the opportunity to attend the National Academy program. A total of 37,740 graduates now represent the FBI National Academy since it began in 1935. Of this number, approximately 22,667 are still active in law enforcement work.

Past Fairfield Police Department National Academy Graduates:

· Lieutenant Peter Pollack - 256th Session – Active

· Chief Anthony G. Manna - 242nd Session – Active

· Deputy Chief Steven Gutkin - 219th Session – Retired

· Chief C. Lynn Centonze - 213th Session – Retired

· Deputy Chief James High - 201st Session – Retired

· Chief Edward Facas - 148th Session – Retired

· Chief William Vanderhoof - 130th Session – Retired

· Chief Stephen Filipow - 101st Session – Retired (Deceased)

· Chief Charles G. Voelker Sr. - 85th Session- Retired (Deceased)