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emergency services unit

The Fairfield Police Department established another New Jersey first in 1988, an Emergency Services Unit (ESU). This was done so that the department could fill a need to have trained officers on the scene of accidents and medical emergencies with the proper equipment until the arrival of an ambulance and paramedic units.

The ESU was started by four patrol officers from the police department who were already certified, two as paramedics and two as emergency medical technicians. These officers had previously worked in other capacities in the E.M.S. field. The officers responded to medical emergencies with proper training, but lacked the appropriate equipment they felt they could use while awaiting the arrival of the volunteer first aid squad and paramedic units.

In December 1992, the Fairfield Police Department became the first police department in New Jersey to have its ESU officers certified to use a defibrillator. During this program, the ESU officers were trained by doctors and paramedics from Mountainside Hospital.

ESU officers attend classes annually to maintain their EMT and paramedic certifications. They are also certified to train other department employees in CPR. Since 1988, the ESU has proven to be a valuable asset to the township.

Officer in Charge

·      Sergeant Steven Ptaszynski #80

Emergency Services Unit Members

·      Captain Charles Zampino #51

·      Lieutenant Michael Nyhuis #65

·      Lieutenant Frank Tracey #66

·      Sergeant Christopher Niemiec #54

·      Sergeant Ian Rasmussen #70

·      Corporal Steven D’Argenio #84

·      Corporal James High Jr. #87

·      Officer James Ciampi #94

·      Officer Vincent Purcell #105

·      Officer Patrick Reynolds #106

·      Officer Andrew VanderWal #111

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