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(ERT) Emergency response Team

The Emergency Response Team is a specialized unit within the Patrol Section who are trained to handle a variety of different emergency situations to include prolonged encounters with armed suspects, hostage situations, warrant service and swift water operations. Officers assigned to this unit must maintain a greater level of physical fitness and firearms proficiency then the requirements of other officers on the department.


Officer in Charge

  • Captain Daniel Dias #52

Emergency Response Team Members:

  • Lieutenant Michael Nyhuis #65

  • Lieutenant Frank Tracey #66

  • Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Didyk #69

  • Sergeant Ian Rasmussen #70

  • Sergeant Christopher Hlubik #76

  • Corporal Jeffrey Dean #82

  • Corporal Steven D’Argenio #84

  • Detective Michael Tilton #97

  • Officer Raymond Puluse #81

  • Officer James Ciampi #94

  • Officer Jason Sickles #95

  • Captain Charles Zampino #51 (Hostage Negotiations)

  • Lieutenant John McNish #60 (Hostage Negotiations)

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