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Firearms Training unit

Each and every day, police officers around the country leave their homes and families and report for duty, ever aware of the dangers that our current society has to offer them. While most officers will return home each day, having successfully performed their duties without the need to use any force, including deadly force, in order to accomplish their goals, some will not be as fortunate. They will be faced with a split second decision that may cost them or someone else their life. The encounter will not be of the officer’s choosing, but instead by that of another. However, it will be the officer and the department that he or she represents, who are left to deal with the aftermath. These officers will be scrutinized and judged by many who will have an unlimited amount of time to go over what took place in only a matter of seconds. This is precisely why firearms training is so extremely important and essential.

 The Firearms Unit has long recognized the importance of firearms training and remains a leader among municipal agencies insofar as it is concerned. Our officers, not only conform to required guidelines prescribed by the New Jersey Attorney General, but also participate in a variety of optional training to better prepare them for a lethal encounter. Due to the Fairfield Police Department's extended commitment, which is supported by the concept that repetition in training allows officers to instinctively act if called to do so, the members of the Firearms Training Unit feel confident that our officers will prevail if a deadly force situation occurs.

Officer in Charge

  • Lieutenant Michael Nyhuis #65

Firearms Unit Members

  • Captain Daniel Dias #52

  • Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Didyk #69

  • Sergeant Ian Rasmussen #70

  • Sergeant Brian Sabatelli #72

  • Corporal Steven D’Argenio #84

  • Detective Daniel Moran #90

  • Detective Michael Tilton #97

  • Detective Rick Alves #101

  • Officer Daniel Kalinowski #99

  • Officer Sean Wilk #100

  • Officer Vincent Purcell #105

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