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Drone Unit

In 2019, the department formed a Drone Unit to help enhance the department’s ability to conduct damage assessment during floods and other emergencies, conduct counter surveillance operations at mass gatherings, conduct investigative surveillance operations and to search for criminal suspects and lost individuals. The department drones consist of a DJI Matrice 210v2 and DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Duel. Each member of the Drone Unit has been specially trained in their operation.  


Officer in Charge

  • Sergeant Christopher Hlubik #76

Drone Unit Members


  • Corporal David Lagan #86

  • Detective Daniel Moran #90

  • Officer Sean McCormack #85

  • Officer Frank Patierno #89

  • Officer Louis Bisciotti #93

  • Officer David DeCarlo #98

  • Officer Sean Wilk #100

  • Officer Jesse Schnackenberg #102

  • Officer Ryan Cleary #103

  • Officer Kevin Chen #104

  • Officer Vincent Purcell #105

  • Officer John Seragusa #107

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