Charitable events

The members of the Fairfield Police Department strongly believe in supporting a variety of charitable organizations to help strengthen our community and to assist those in need. Each year the department lends its support to such things as the St. Thomas More Food Pantry, Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and to Pancreatic Cancer research. They also participate in an annual softball game against the fire department in order to raise funds for a specific charity named each year. Anyone interested in learning more about the department’s charitable activities can contact the officer in charge at (973) 227-1400


Officer in Charge

· Sergeant John McNish #60


St Thomas More Food Pantry Coordinator

· Sergeant John McNish #60


Toys for Tots Coordinator

· Officer Steven D’Argenio #84


Special Olympics Coordinator

· Detective Robert Sanger #58


Movember Charitable Activities Coordinator

· Chief Anthony Manna #23


Charity Softball Game Coordinator

· Sergeant John McGrory #73


Police Foundation

· Officer RJ Casendino #75