Detective Bureau

Criminal investigation division 

The Fairfield Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division handles follow up investigations related to all crimes committed within the township. Detectives investigate all types of crimes including but not limited to homicide, burglary, theft, narcotics, vice, juveniles, and computer crimes. Detectives also conduct background investigations for licensing, permits, firearms and pre-employment screening related to public safety.

The division is staffed with four full-time detectives and one part-time administrative assistant. The Investigations Division can be reached directly by calling 973-227-9290.

Investigative Division Commander

· Detective Lieutenant Charles Zampino #51

Investigative Division Members:

· Detective Sergeant Michael Nyhuis #65

· Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Didyk #69

· Detective D'Argenio #84

· Detective David Lagan #86

On assignment:

*Detective Dean #82