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Elmwood Park Teen Charged with Trespass and Criminal Mischief

Fairfield (NJ) The Fairfield Police Department announces the arrest of Kaya Augustyniak (18) of Elmwood Park, New Jersey for defiant trespass and criminal mischief on May 4, 2022. On that date, at approximately 2:19 PM, Officer Daniel Kalinowski was on patrol and checking the abandoned Vibra Screw building located on New Dutch Lane, when he noticed 2005 Nissan parked behind the building. Other officers then arrived at the scene.

All of then entered the building and allegedly detected the odor of fresh pray paint in the air. The officers then went to the roof access area where they allegedly found Augustyniak in possession of several cans of spray paint. They also allegedly observed a freshly painted mural on the wall.

It is alleged that Officer Kalinowski was present on February 20, 2022 when another Fairfield officer found Augustyniak was again on the property and warned by police at that time that she was violating the law and not allowed on the property.

Augustyniak was allegedly found to be in possession of 21 cans of spray paint. She was then placed under arrest and brought to police headquarters. Her vehicle was impounded for illegally being on the property. She was eventually released on her own recognizance pending an initial hearing in the Fairfield Municipal Court on May 19, 2022.

“Since being featured in “Weird New Jersey” magazine, the abandoned Vibra Screw building has long been an attraction to curiosity seekers and spray painters alike. The reality is that the building poses significant danger to trespassers so it is for that reason, the Fairfield Police Department constantly patrols the area and will prosecute any trespassers to the fullest extent of the law” said Chief Anthony G. Manna.

(It should be noted that the charges against Augustyniak are merely allegations and that she is presumed innocent until she either pleads guilty or is found guilty in a court of law)

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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