Fairfield Police Officers Pursue Car Burglars

Fairfield (NJ) The Fairfield Police Department is investigating a series of vehicle burglaries and attempts that are believed to have occurred during the early morning hours of January 24, 2020 on Glenroy Road South, Shaw Court, Francavilla Drive, Phillip Court and John Street.

At approximately 1:38 A.M., Fairfield police officers responded to a residence on John Street in response to a resident who had called the police regarding a suspicious incident that was captured on his Ring camera. Officer James Ciampi responded to investigate.

The homeowner informed the officer that at approximately 12:17 AM, a small gray SUV is observed on the street in front of the residence. A black male wearing tan colored pants and a blue sweatshirt can be seen exiting the front passenger door of the SUV. The male then runs up the driveway and tries to open the doors to all the cars parked in the driveway. All of the vehicles in the driveway were locked. The male then re-enters the gray SUV and it quickly drives away.

While the officer was gathering this information, it is alleged that a 2019 gray Toyota Rav 4 bearing New Jersey license plate R80-LHZ pass his location. As it did the officer observed it to be occupied by two black males. At this point the resident identified this vehicle to be the same one that was on the Ring camera earlier.

The officer then got into his vehicle and began to follow it as it entered onto Sand Road. A check of the vehicle revealed it to have been carjacked earlier in Bloomfield. Officer Ciampi and other Fairfield officers attempted to stop the vehicle but it sped onto Route 80 and a pursuit was initiated. The vehicle then entered onto Route 46 East. Based upon the risk being created to the public the officers discontinued the pursuit and the vehicle escaped apprehension.

The Fairfield Police Department continues to warn its residents to lock their car doors every night and to make sure that valued items and that their keys and key fobs are not left inside of them. They also encourage all individuals to immediately contact the police when observing any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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