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Stolen School Bus!

1/18:23- Earlier today, a school bus was stolen in Livingston. As of now, 9:45pm, it has not been recovered. There is no specific threat, however, anytime a school bus is stolen there is cause for concern. The Fairfield bus company is STA and each bus has a sign in the window with the bus route clearly labeled as STEV for Stevenson and WSCS for Churchill. Please verify your child's bus, and if your child boards the bus on their own, please make sure they verify the name of the bus and the route number. The Fairfield Police will be diligently patrolling in the morning all buses to be sure our students are safe. We are working with the local schools to ensure the safety of our students as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns. 973-227-1400.

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