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Unlocked Vehicle Stolen from Driveway after Thieves use Garage Door Opener to Gain Access to Home

Fairfield (NJ) On June 28, 2023 at approximately 2:27am, police headquarters was contacted by the New Jersey State Police reporting a crash on Interstate 280 involving a vehicle that was registered in Fairfield.  Theoccupants of the vehicle were reported to have fled prior to the New Jersey State Police arriving on scene.  Further investigation revealed that the vehicle had recently been stolen from a Hollywood Avenue residence, however the homeowner was unaware this occurred.


It was determined that the suspect(s) entered a 2023Land Rover Range Rover which was parked and unlocked in the driveway.  The suspect(s) used the vehicle’s garage door opener to gain access to the home, where they located the car key inside, stealing the car as well as other personal belongings which were left near the keys in the kitchen.


“This is a prime example of how important it is to lock your vehicles.  Thieves will look for any opportunity to steal your vehicle, which includes checking for unlocked doors around the home, or, in this case, using the garage door opener left inside the vehicle,” said Officer Stacy Chiarolanza.  “It is also good practice to lock all doors, including the door that leads from the garage into the home to help deter these types of crimes.”


This is currently an active investigation.  



Issued by: Officer Stacy Chiarolanza (PIO)

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