(COVID-19)message from Mayor Gasparini 3/19/2020

Good evening, this is Mayor Jim Gasparini, and my message is to help answer some of your questions and to help quell some of your concerns as together we move forward through this unprecedented emergency. I can report to all of you that the Township of Fairfield, its elected officials, employees and most importantly, its citizens remain vigilant and prepared to deal with this pandemic. We will continue to try and maintain government services for as long as is possible without putting either the public or our employees at unnecessary risk. Our emergency management staff is in constant contact with our local health officer and with county and state officials each day to receive the latest information regarding best practices. Any decisions made by our local government will always be made with these best practices in mind. Our police department remains attentive to protecting our community and to answering your calls for assistance.

I am also reporting to you that Fairfield currently has one (1) positive case of COVID-19. All appropriate precautions and protocols regarding monitoring and tracking are in place and are being followed.  The individual who tested positive has been contacted by the appropriate health official, is under isolation from the public, and is being continuously monitored by the health department as per NJDOH and CDC requirements to ensure compliance with all local, county, and state protocols and the protection of our community.

Household contacts or close contacts of individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by our local health department, asked for information, and provided with instructions for quarantine and monitoring.  A household contact is defined as: a person who lives in the same household.

A close contact is defined as: being within approximately 6 feet for a prolonged period of time (for instance, caring for, living with, visiting, or sharing a healthcare waiting area or room) or having direct contact with infectious secretions of a case (such as being coughed or sneezed on).

Casual contacts: other persons who may have come into casual contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, for instance, being in the same indoor environment such as a lobby or office for a prolonged period of time, or walking past the person or being in the same room briefly with them, will not be contacted by the Health Department, and do not need to be under quarantine. These persons should, along with the rest of the public, continue to follow recommended social distancing measures and monitor themselves for symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath).

PLEASE NOTE: Federal and NJ State laws strictly prohibit the release to the public of private health information of any individual, including the name, address, or any other identifying information specific to those who test positive for COVID-19. The West Caldwell Health Department, who also serves Fairfield, acts at all times in accordance with all applicable municipal, county, state, and federal laws.

Persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 are under isolation from the public. Persons who may have COVID-19 and who do not yet have any symptoms are not under isolation. Therefore, for your protection and the protection of those around you, please comply with social distancing measures, and monitor yourself for symptoms.

Please understand that as testing for this virus increases, so does the likelihood of receiving more positive results. We will continue to update the public regularly regarding the status of cases within the Township of Fairfield.

In closing, our country and our Fairfield community has been challenged with both man made and natural disasters and we have always endured and emerged stronger than before. Our resolve may be tested here but I know that, if we all do our part, we will prevail once again.

Thank you.

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