Statement from Chief Anthony Manna Regarding the Fairfield Police Department’s Response to the COVID

Fairfield (NJ) During these very difficult and trying times, I felt it necessary to put out a statement that helps to reassure our citizens that the officers of the Fairfield Police Department will continue to strive to provide you with the same quick and efficient responses to all of your calls for service that we always have. We will remain vigilant in protecting your homes, businesses and families as we all move forward through this unprecedented state of emergency.

Unfortunately, our officers are not immune from contracting the COVID-19 virus even though they are taking every precaution possible. That is why I am asking for your cooperation and understanding. In order to assure that the Fairfield Police Department can continue to provide the optimum staffing levels throughout the course of this emergency, the following changes to operations have been initiated:

· The lobby to the police trailer at the municipal complex is now closed to the public. If you come to conduct business at the police trailers, please call the department’s (973) 227-1400 non-emergency number. As always, if you have a police emergency, dial 9-1-1.

· The Fairfield Police Department will accept reports over the telephone for non-emergencies. Police personnel will screen your call and determine if it is appropriate to take the report over the phone or if a police officer will respond to take the report personally. Police will continue to respond to all emergency calls and other calls where it is determined that a response is necessary.

· The Fairfield Police Department will respond to motor vehicle crashes. In cases of minor crashes, where there are no injuries, damage to the property of a third party, a crash involving a pedestrian or a need for a vehicle to be towed, the officer will provide the drivers with a form that they can send to the State of New Jersey and to their insurance companies.

· At certain times during responses to some calls for service, you may encounter police officers who may be wearing personal protection equipment that may include masks, gloves, eye protection and disposable gowns. Please do not be alarmed. They are doing so for everyone’s protection.

· When dealing with a police officer in person, please try and maintain the six foot social distancing space as recommended by the CDC.

· The Fairfield Police Department has been charged with enforcing the lawful executive orders issued by the Governor of the State of New Jersey which prohibits such things as trespassing in closed parks and recreation facilities and gatherings of people more than permitted by the order. The department is seeking your cooperation in voluntary compliance with these directives as we realize they may be inconvenient. Still it is the law and we will enforce it.

As conditions dictate, these conditions may be enhanced or relaxed. As always, our officers and staff thank you for all your support of our efforts in keeping our community safe.

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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