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Fairfield and Other West Essex Police Departments Employ New Technology to Help Minimize In-Person C

Fairfield (NJ) Recently, the Fairfield Police Department initiated the use of a new software technology that will give our police officers the ability to have virtual face to face contact with callers, using a persons’ cell phone camera to stream live real time video of a scene directly to the police department’s dispatch center. This new technology is known as 9-1-1 Eye.

How this system works is simple. When a caller dials into the police department via

9-1-1 or on the department’s non-emergency line, 973-227-1400, the police dispatcher will answer your call and will gather information and screen the call for service.

If the dispatcher feels that the call for service warrants the use of this new system, they will advise the caller that they can send a text message to their cell phone containing a link to click on. When the caller clicks on the link, they are directed to a secure portal that will display the Fairfield Police Department patch. It will ask for the person to consent to use their cell phone camera and speaker.

Once the caller approves this, a “real time” video will be streamed inside the police department in the dispatch center. The video is taken using the person’s cell phone; however, the cell phone is not retaining any audio or video. The cell phone is simply relaying the video inside the police department where it can be saved. The caller does not need to have anything installed on their cell phone to use this service and their phone will not retain anything on it as evidence; this software is used via internet connection or cell phone data service. When the call is over, the dispatcher simply disconnects the session from inside the police department. The caller will receive a notification via text message that the call has ended and the connection has been terminated.

“The Fairfield Police Department had been considering obtaining this technology before this current emergency. But now, with police departments across the country trying to limit their officers’ public contacts because of the Coronavirus, this technology will allow for our officers to not have to go into every location that a call for service has been received from. Instead, they will monitor the condition remotely until it is resolved” said Chief Anthony G. Manna

Please be aware that even in those cases where a dispatcher or police officer utilizes this software, a police officer will still be dispatched to the location in case further action is needed.

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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