Fairfield Police Implement Temporary Uniform Change during COVID-19 Emergency

Fairfield (NJ) The Fairfield Police Department announces a temporary change in their officer’s daily uniform. During the current COVID19 emergency, the department has authorized its officers to wear a new modified duty uniform shirt, which comes in both short and long sleeves. The long sleeved version of the uniform is a black tee shirt with the words “police” down both sleeves and an America flag on the right shoulder. The words “Fairfield Police” appear on both the front and back of the shirt, with all writing and emblems being in a muted gray color.

Depending on the weather, officers may also be seen in a similar short sleeve version of the shirt which is also a black tee-shirt, with an American flag on the right sleeve, a Fairfield police patch on the left sleeve and the words “Fairfield Police” on the front and back, all in a muted gray color. “Our citizens are used to seeing us in a particular uniform so we wanted to make they are aware of our temporary new look” said Chief Anthony G. Manna.

The nexus for obtaining these new shirts came as the chief felt that during this pandemic emergency, with the high amount of contacts the department’s officers would be having with actual or potential COVID19 positive individuals; there was a legitimate need for the officers to be in a less formal type uniform shirt. One that could be easily washed each day that was comfortable for them to wear and could be disposed of if necessary with limited expense to the department.

“Each day, since this emergency began, our officers have bravely responded to a variety of different calls for service, each time potentially exposing themselves to this deadly virus, with little concern for themselves. Unfortunately the real fear most of them have is bringing the virus home to their families. After working their 12 hour shifts, every one of our officers returns to their homes and immediately washes and cares for their uniforms. This takes valuable time away from them when they should be relaxing with their families. These new shirts just help to make that process a little easier for them. Right now, for me, it is all about keeping our officers and their families safe and their morale and spirits high, as our department goes forward to serve the public. They all seem to like the new shirts” said the chief.

The department will return to their regular issued uniforms as soon as the current situation subsides.

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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