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Hillside Man Arrested for Resisting Arrest, Other Charges Following Motor Vehicle Stop

Fairfield (NJ) The Fairfield Police Department announces the arrest of Johny Dazilme (26) of Hillside, NJ for resisting arrest, obstruction and hindering his own apprehension on April 17, 2023. On that date at approximately 10:16 am, Officer Sean McCormack was monitoring traffic on Route 46 East near #100. He observed a black Chevrolet Impala exit from the Manheim Auto Auction and stop behind him on the shoulder. At this time Officer McCormack observed several motor vehicle violations, to include no front license plate and view obstruction from stickers on the front windshield. He also observed the driver exit his vehicle and affix a license plate to the rear of the vehicle before proceeding back onto the roadway.

Further investigation by Officer McCormack determined the license plate that was now affixed to the rear of the vehicle was actually registered to a silver Dodge Caliber. A motor vehicle stop was initiated to investigate further.

It is alleged that Dazilme, the driver and lone occupant of the vehicle, exited his vehicle immediately after being stopped and refused to follow directions or provide any documents to the officer. He then allegedly tried to leave the scene on foot at which time he was placed under arrest by Officer McCormack and other officers.

Dazilme was transported to police headquarters for processing. In addition to the aforementioned charges, Dazilme also received seven motor vehicle summonses.

Dazilme was later released on his own recognizance pending an appearance at the Fairfield Municipal Court on April 27, 2023.

(It should be noted that the charges are merely allegations and that there is a presumption of innocence until Dazilme either pleads guilty or are found guilty in a court of law)

Issued by: Officer Stacy Chiarolanza (PIO)

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