“Honor our Heroes” set for the month of november

For the month of November, the Fairfield Police Department will once again wear their Olive Drab Uniforms (ODU) to honor our members of the United States armed forces. On the collars of each uniform, officers will be displaying the emblem of the 502nd infantry division in memory of Fairfield’s own Corporal Neil D. Epifanio who was killed in action in Vietnam 51 years ago. On the other collar they will display a pin from one of the 5 branches of the armed forces. This is our way to which we have proudly displayed below our name. We would like to thank theFairfield Police Foundationfor providing these uniforms to us last year! fairfieldpolicenj @usarmy @uscg @marines @usnavy @usairforce#military#usa#heroes#fairfieldnj#westessex#committedtothecommunityU.S. ArmyU.S. NavyU.S. Coast GuardU.S. Marine CorpsAirforce

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