New York Corrections Officer and Accomplice Arrested for Fraudulent Credit Card Activity

Fairfield (NJ) The Fairfield Police Department announces the arrest of Brian Green (33) and Macgyver Beltran (31) both of Brooklyn, N.Y. for credit card theft, identity theft and conspiracy on November 14, 2020.

On November 14, 2020, at approximately 4:04 P.M., the Fairfield Police Department was contacted by asset protection officers from Target, located on Route 46, reporting that two male suspects were allegedly attempting to purchase Target gift cards using stolen credit cards. Target security further reported that these same two individuals were suspected in the same activity at their store on November 10th and 11th, 2020.

Fairfield police officers arrived and allegedly found Green and Beltran outside of the store. Further investigation allegedly led to the discovery of Green being in possession of 11credit/debit cards and 13 Target gift cards and Beltran in possession of 13 credit/debit cards and 27 Target gift cards. It is alleged that at least four of these debit/credit cards were in the names of other people and were stolen and that some of the other cards had no names on them at all but had valid stolen credit card numbers on them. Target security then allegedly positively identified Green and Beltran as the individuals who used stolen credit cards to purchase Target gift cards on both November 10th and 11th using the surveillance video from those dates to help make the identification.

Target security alleged that on November 10, 2020, Green and Beltran were involved in 25 separate credit card transactions and then 9 credit card transactions the following day at the Fairfield Target with all of these transactions using stolen credit cards. Both Green and Beltran were placed under arrest. It was at this time that it was discovered that Green is a current New York City corrections officer after finding his badge and identification on him. At no time did Green ever identified himself as a law enforcement officer. The Fairfield police impounded a 2015 Land Rover that they have probable cause to believe is associated with the crime and which allegedly contains proceeds and implements associated with the crime, including Green’s corrections department service weapon. At the time of the press release, authorities were waiting to obtain a search warrant.

Both Green and Beltran were eventually charged with use of a stolen credit card, Uttering a stolen credit card, identity theft, and conspiracy. Both were eventually released on their own recognizance pending an appearance in the Superior Court in Essex County. The New York Department of Corrections was contacted REGARDING Green’s arrest. This investigation is ongoing and it is anticipated that addition charges will be filed.

(It should be noted that the charges against both men are merely allegations and that they are presumed innocent until they either plead guilty or are found guilty in a court of law)

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

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