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Three Arrested for Shoplifting at Target

Fairfield (NJ) – The Fairfield Police Department announces the arrests of Hamza Attawwab (43) of Queens, NY, Tory Kindred (45) of Bangor, ME, and Tiffany Kindred (43) of Brooklyn, NY for shoplifting on February 23, 2024.  On that date at approximately 12:24 pm, officers were dispatched to Target on a report of three individuals in the store allegedly attempting to shopliftDyson vacuums.


Upon police arrival, officers observed two of the three individuals exiting the store without any merchandise. Attawwab and Tiffany Kindred were both detained for further investigation.  Security stated they observed Tory Kindred run from the store towards Little Falls Road. Prior to exiting the store, it is alleged that he had removed a sweatshirt he was wearing in an attempt to alter his appearance.


A short time later officers located him in a wooded area off of Little Falls Road, where he was detained.  Further investigation on scene revealed that all three individuals were observed on security video allegedly placing several Dyson vacuums in a shopping cart.  They continuepassed all points of sale when they are stopped by security and then leave the store without the merchandise prior to being detained by police.


All three were placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters for processing.  The total amount shoplifted was $2099.95.  It was further determined that Tiffany Kindred and Attawwab were allegedly the same individuals that had shoplifted from the store on February 21, 2024.  On that date, it is alleged that both entered the store, removed security tags from Dyson vacuums, and walked passed all points of sale before leaving the store with the stolen merchandise.  The total amount shoplifted in that incident was $1,679.97.


Tory Kindred was charged with shoplifting and conspiracy.  He was later released pending an April 30, 2024 court appearance at the Essex County Courthouse in Newark, NJ.


Tiffany Kindred and Attawaab were charged with two counts of shoplifting and two counts of conspiracy.  Both were transported to the Essex County Jail pending their first appearances.



(Charges are merely allegations until the defendantsare proven guilty or plead guilty in a court of law).


Issued by: Officer Stacy Chiarolanza (PIO)

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