Two Firsts for Fairfield Police Department!

Fairfield (NJ) At the July 22, 2019 meeting of the Fairfield Mayor and Council, Chief of Police Anthony G. Manna announced to the community that the police department had recently obtained two pieces of equipment that the department has never had before to assist in helping to better serve and protect the community.

The first item obtained was a 2019 Harley Davidson motorcycle that will be assigned to the department’s Special Enforcement Unit and assigned to Officer Raymond Puluse. Officer Puluse recently completed the very stringent Maryland State Police motorcycle operator’s course to assure that he could properly operate the motorcycle.

The department was able to obtain the motorcycle due to the generous donation made by the Columbia Bank Foundation to the Fairfield Police Foundation for its specific purchase. “Between the costs of the motorcycle, the necessary items needed to equip it and all the required uniform needs for the officer, it cost approximately $36,000 for this program to get underway. But due to our friends at Columbia Bank and those at the Fairfield Police Foundation, no tax payer dollars were spent to do this” said Chief Anthony G. Manna. “There is no doubt this acquisition will greatly enhance our department’s community policing initiatives as we saw so many people flock around it at this year’s Independence Day fireworks celebration” said the chief. The motorcycle will be mostly used for various escorts and specific traffic enforcement details.

As a way of showing their gratitude, the police department presented officials from the Columbia Bank Foundation with the department’s Community Partnership Award.

The second item that the chief emphasized as a first for the department was the purchase of a Mavic 2 Enterprise dual drone. The drone was purchased with use of forfeiture funds and will also greatly assist both the police department and other township departments with a variety of uses. “This item has great capabilities and enormous potential to help us with aerial reconnaissance during emergencies, event policing, and searching for fleeing suspects both day and night with the use of thermal imaging technology” said the chief. The department is looking to purchase a second drone that will have the capabilities to be tethered for continual flight.

Authorized by: Chief Anthony Manna

Motorcycle Picture- Members of the police department, the Mayor and Council, Fairfield Police Foundation, and the Columbia Bank Foundation

Drone Picture- Special Police Officer John Seragusa displays the Fairfield Police Department’s drone acquisition

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